DUBS ALIVE record label design

In 2015 I was brought to the attention of Cody Morrison who owned Dubs Alive records, a future dub record label based in L.A / San Fransisco. He was familiar with my famous "Lion of Judah" graffiti, via Birmingham artist and DJ Goosensi. He offered to buy one of my red/gold/green surface patterns to use on his vinyl insert. I happily agreed, keen to put my art to good use, and spread the word. The rest was history. A year later several E.P's were released and we've both gone from strength to strength since.                                                                                                                 

Scroll down below to see the evolution of the surface pattern from draft to vinyl.

 The 2016 release of "I AM AT WAR" by J.Robinson


The initial doodle drawn at home studio just messing round with doodles. note colours pink/blue and two grades of black.


A manipulated version of the original , cutting and mirroring on photoshop. Already the piece is transformed into a powerful image with great equalateral swooshes.


By chance the now inverted image has transformed into red gold and green with black background and white highlights. this now has the colours of the rastafari faith, that is synonamous with reggae and dub.


The Dubs Alive team added a cool red gold green circular border ready for the vinyl insert.


Here is the flyer for the 2015 release with DJ Madd, the writing and imagery all complement one another perfectly.